Hanukkah for Kids! - at Center Makor BRIGHTON

You and your CHILDREN, GRANDCHILDREN, your children's friends and your friends' children, your neighbors - EVERYBODY with KIDS!
are invited to celebrate
Jewish Festival of Lights - Hanukkah!
at Center Makor on Sunday December 6th! 
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Sunday December 6th
12:00 noon - 2:00 pm
Suggested donation - $10 for adult companions; kids are free!
Hanukkah Festivities at Center Makor include:
Part I
- Face painting!
- Make your own Hanukiah (Hanukkah menorah)!
- Bake your own Sufgnaiyot (Puffs with jelly)!
- Print your own Hanukkah gelt (Chocolate coins)!
- Play Dreidel!
- Arts-and-crafts!
- Music and Dance!
Part II
- Concert for children!
- Animated Hanukkah Story!
- Gifts for kids at the end!
Let's come and learn about Hanukkah and have some latkes (potato pancakes) with sour cream together!

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