REMEMBER US - 4th Annual Fundraiser - Holocaust Remembrance

REMEMBER US: 4th Annual Fundraising Event
March 19, 2017 at 6:00 pm
200 Wells Ave, Newton MA

RememberUs is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to Holocaust remembrance,
driven by a group of passionate individuals
whose common goal is to honor and commemorate those who perished in Holocaust,
as well as to educate generations about the devastating consequences of genocide.

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To learn more about work and read their Annual Reports 2015 and 2016,
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RememberUs.Org is a public 501(c)(3) charity organization. Your donation is tax deductible:



RememberUs runs multiple educational activities in the US, such as events at schools, colleges and summer camps, as well as a variety of programs at multiple locations in Ukraine (Kharkov, Lubny, and Kremenchug), all aimed to preserve the memory of the tragic events that transpired across many Ukraine’s unknown killing sites. Dedicated volunteers work towards creation of school museums and exhibits, internet museums, genocide related research, translation and digitizing of documents and researched materials, identifying locations of mass graves, researching victims’ names and documenting individual stories, and presentation of new documents to Yad Vashem. These activities are done in tight cooperation with local Hillel and Jewish Communities.
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OCTOBER 2016: the lecture by Holocaust survivor, Nobel Prize winner, Cornell University professor, Roald Hoffman started with an idea of planting a few metasequoia trees at the places of mass killings of Jews in Ukraine.
The story of the survival and rebirth of metasequoia is amazing. Metasequoias were first described as fossils in 1941, and were thought to be extinct. However, in 1944 few live trees were found in China, and identified as metasequoia in 1948. That year, Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University sent an expedition to collect seeds and, soon after, distributed the seedling trees worldwide.
Since then metasequoias have been reborn – cultivated and brought back to life all over the world. Those remarkably strong, resilient and beautiful trees are real survivors – they can withstand harsh weather, fires and lightning, with life expectancy of a millennium or more; the oldest living metasequoia is over 600 years old. They learn how to adapt to different climates while keeping their unmistakable identities.
The story of rebirth and survival of Jewish people is equally amazing. During the 1940th the Jewish population was dramatically reduced. In the years following the war, Jewish people planted their roots all over the world, enriched local cultures, and adapted and excelled in every corner of the world, while preserving their identity.  

RememberUs volunteers plant metasequoia trees as a tribute to those who perished in Holocaust, and as a symbol of resilience, strength, and rebirth.These metasequoias will outlive us, our children and grandchildren, and will become an ever-lasting Memorial of Life.  For those of you who are from Boston – there are metasequoia trees in Boston Public Garden, and a new one was just planted last spring.

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